About This Blog

What is "Mujeres Que Hacen La Revolución?"

        "Mujeres Que Hacen La Revolución" is the Spanish translation of "Women Who Make The Revolution".  This is an informative project; a project intended to create and inform dialogues about women from Latin-America. Women from Latin-America have been fighters of revolutions, writers, artists, intellectuals, mothers, lovers, sisters of political causes, new ideas, and transformations of issues that center around race, gender, class, capitalism, and cultural imperialism.

The paucity of recognition of these women is a task that this site intends to lessen by spreading and promoting the presence of these women and their history. This is, in short, a site that combats against the ubiquitous representation of men in Latin-America as being the revolutionaries and thinkers of critical periods of social change. As mentioned, this project is intended to be a dialogue and thus, it is interactive. Others are invited to join us.

What gets posted on "Mujeres Que Hacen La Revolución"?

Biographies, poems, songs, essays, and pictures of women from Latin-America are usually the main collection of the content in this project. Random posts about other topics of political interest are also put up, along with interesting news pieces and articles. In the future, there will be more posts on broad leftist politics or theories such as Feminism, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Anarchism.

In the future, the site intends on having visiting writers put up posts on either on:
 -women from Latin-America
 -issues relevant to contemporary or historical experiences of women from Latin-America
 -issues relevant to women from minority backgrounds in general
 -their own political or cultural experience as a woman from a minority background.